Use these resources to explore some resources and communities related to universal basic income (UBI). Discover open debates, online forums, free courses, and a wealth of information.

General Information

  • The r/BasicIncome subreddit has compiled the ultimate FAQ on basic income.
  • Crypto UBI is a reference for cryptocurrency-related UBI projects.
  • is a good introductory website making the case for basic income.
  • World Basic Income provides a comprehensive introduction to the idea of a global basic income.
  • The Income Movement is a grassroots movement working to pass basic income legislation in the U.S.
  • Citizen’s Basic Income Trust is a nonpartisan platform promoting discussion of basic income, affiliated with the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN).

Free Online Courses


Academic Resources

  • Sci Hub is a search engine providing free public access to any academic article.
  • Please use our contact form to inquire about publishing your work with UBI Research or contributing to our blog.